Payment Methods

VAIOWEB accepts payments from you in the following different ways -


PayPal Payment Gateway

You could pay your invoices or add funds to your Debit Account by using our PayPal Payment Gateway.

Verified PayPal A/C Holders:

We encourage all our Customers who choose PayPal to pay their invoices or add funds, to use only a Verified PayPal Account. Using a Verified PayPal Account does not require any verification from our end. What's more, the funds get credited to your Debit Account instantly, without you having to send us any documentation!

  • You will be redirected to secure PayPal server where you have to fill in your credit card and billing details
  • You can use your (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER) credit card or your PayPal account.
  • After the payment is complete you should come back to our server and your Control Panel to have the transaction settled.
PayPal accepts the following credit cards: You can pay your invoices or add funds into your Debit Account using our PayPal Gateway


Moneybookers Payment Gateway (Discontinued since 04/08/2011)



You can pay offline for your orders using WebMoney to add funds to your Debit Account.

WebMoney Details

WMID: 173621581934
Purse: E338873569071


  • The transaction should NOT be Time Protected.
  • The transaction should NOT be Password Protected.
  • You should have an E-Purse (EURO) and you can transfer funds from your E- Purse to our E-Purse only.
  • During the transaction, in the Description field, you must enter your WMID, Purse Number, Customer Username (Email address), Customer Name, Date of Transfer and the Amount of Transfer.
  • Once done, create a Support Request under the "Billing" help topic and include all of the above information. Only when we receive this information from you, will we verify your transfer and credit your account appropriately within 24 Working Hours.
  • Please note that by adding funds to your account, any pending invoices don't paid automatically and orders don't executed automatically. You have to login to your control panel and manually select the pending invoices to pay them from your account balance.



  • VAIOWEB will refund any unused portion of your account balance (greater than 1.00 EUR) within 1 week after receiving a written request containing your Username and Account details, on the letterhead of your Company, addressed to our Billing Department.
  • VAIOWEB will not be responsible for any differences in the refund due to Fluctuation in International Currency rates, Banking fees or Payment Gateway fees.
  • Your refund will be processed via the same payment mode through which the payment was received in the first instance.

NOTE: According to policies and restrictions provided by Registry Operators, Domain services cannot be canceled or deleted and are NOT applicable for refunds.

WebMoney Refunds

In order to get a Refund for funds added via WebMoney, you will need to create a Support Request under the "Billing" help topic. Please specify your WMID, Purse Number, Customer Username (Email address), Customer Name and the Amount of Transfer while creating a Ticket.

Please note that Transaction Charges (0.8%) will apply on all WebMoney Refunds.
Payment: 10.00 EUR
Refund: 10.00 - 0.8% = 9.92 EUR